Programme Date

March 2020 

Application Closes On

15th March 2020

Programme Venue

Loyola Institute of Business Administration
Loyola Campus
Chennai - 34

The long-standing two year Executive Post Graduate Programme in General ManagementExecutive Post Graduate Programme in General Management is a corporate programme for working professionals. This programme aids in transforming professionals through formal exposure to Management studies. This makes them available as potential business leaders in the organisations. The programme will be conducted in weekends. Corporate endorsement of the applicant is essential for admission to the programme.

A bird’s eye view of the program

Why do you need to do the programme?

Executives have often felt the need to enhance their managerial capabilities, particularly for those who lack formal exposure to “Management” education. Thus, by enhancing their conceptual knowledge and building a mind-set that is anchored on contemporary management thinking and practices, these experienced professionals will be able to increase their contribution and enhance the value they bring to business. The executives also benefit by having the opportunity to move up their company ladders contributing to a larger pool of “trained” managers and eventually becoming available for leadership roles.


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